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What is the PJ-260 you ask?

It is a classic aerobatic biplane designed in the early 1960's. It is about the size of a Great Lakes Sport Trainer and is said to be easier to build than a Great Lakes. The Great Lakes was kind of a base to start on as it was the premier aerobatic airplane of the 1950-60's. The object was to improve on the aerobatic performance of the Great Lakes. And it did that. It was built stronger than a Great Lakes and it is easy to fly. It uses Cessna L-19 landing gear. It can be made a two place or single place. The PJ-260 was  designed by Nick D' Apuzzo for a 260 hp Lycoming engine. The engines used have been 180 to 300 hp. A 360 hp Russian radial would work too. You don't see a lot of PJ-260's today and you can't purchase new plans any more. .

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What does a PJ-260 look like?

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Here is a picture. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

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Pictures here come from old copies of Sport Aviation published by EAA.
The plane on the left was flown by Big Ed Mahler in airshows all over the country, including Oshkosh. It was called the Mennon Special, as Mennon aftershave sponsored Ed. Ed would put Mennon aftershave in his smoke and it left a nice smell!

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Below is a sketch of the PJ-260. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

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CLICK HERE To see examples of PJ-260 Planes.

CLICK HERE for history on the first and second PJ-260 ever built.

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This information is from Lindsey Parsons, who is the "P" in PJ !!

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The designer Nick D'Apposo is dead now. I found out that Jerry Tague, son in law of Nick D'Aposso runs Nick's company he started called "A Wheels ".  He is not selling plans, and really doesn't know much about the plans or the plane.  He does have some parts for sale and sells flying wires for biplanes.  His phone number is 1-215-843-7637.

If you have a picture of your PJ-260 you would like to share or are a PJ-260 owner of builder please contact me. I would like to put up lots of information on my website.   Contact me at frank@pj260.comI would love to hear from you.